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Read our price list and GET a secure whistleblowing channel for your company

User management
Users, user groups and license management.

Software with over 30 languages.

KPI reports and notifications.

Full audit logs.

Anonymize attachements
We remove all metadata from attachements.

Case management
Clear view over your reports. Categorize, assign and manage easily.

Communication and notes
Two-way anonymous communication and internal notes.

SSO and 2FA support
Microsoft Azure and Google Workspace. Support Two-factor authentication

check our price list and GET a secure whistleblowing channel for your company

Deploying the Whistleblowing-solution


An organization should set out the process for handling the notifications. Set the guidelines and name the person responsible who will receive and manage whistleblowing notifications safely during the time frame set by the directive.


Choose a secure and easy-to-use whistleblowing channel that allows anonymous communication and straightforward case management to prevent the notifications from falling into the wrong hands. The EU Whistleblower directive determines the protection of the reporter's anonymity.


Communicate the introduction and purpose of an internal reporting channel openly to employees and stakeholders. A fair and transparent approach will mitigate doubts and improve psychological wellbeing among employees.


Follow incoming notifications, manage and report the progress within deadlines set by the law. Once the case is processed, the ticket will be archived and later deleted. A correctly implemented whistleblowing channel reduces risks and potential reputational damage.

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Fundamentals of our software

We developed EasyWhistle with security and usability above all else. Modern and cutting-edge security practices provide a solid foundation for software that enables companies of all sizes to meet the requirements of the EU Whistleblower Directive for internal reporting channels.

EasyWhistle software is also suitable for all kinds of purposes requiring anonymous communication, such as ethics channel in general and feedback collection, not just for whistleblowing notifications.

The software contains a wide range of features in an affordable package, such as anonymous two-way communication and visual case management that traditional email or online forms do not allow. In addition, ensuring the total anonymity of the reporter and an external service provider increases confidence in the eyes of whistleblowers. These are critical factors to ensure that suspected misconduct is brought to light as soon as possible.



The anonymous whistleblowing channel includes all the functionalities and features you need to receive and manage cases.


We have developed EasyWhistle using high standard security methods. The software complies with GDPR and the EU Whistleblowing Directive.


Do you need help with an impact assessment (DPIA) or want to outsource the receipt of notifications? Our competent partners can help.


Our fantastic customer service is always there for you. Get instructions for channel-related questions by phone or email.